A picture of Cowabunga wet and dry bouncy castle with slide

Price - $250 + gst for 4hr hire
Size - 9.0 x 5.5 x 4.5mH

About this bouncy castle

Cowabunga is our first wet and dry bouncy castle. Enter via the tunnel to the large bouncing area. A climb up to the slide and down you go!. If used wet, a hose is attached to a dripper above the slide withe  adraining pool at the bottom of the slide. Inside the 4 columns have have cool-air holes, to provide a small breeze on hot days

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COWABUNGA! You asked, so we bought! At last a wet and dry castle. It is a great looking mid-sized inflatable suitable for all primary ages. It has a basket ball hoop and 'cool-air' vents within. The slide can be used normally or (in summer) as a water slide - ideal for those hot summer days. The material inside is 'grippy' to make it safe in wet conditions.

WET HIRE: We supply  a short hose length with a standard male connector on the end. You will need to supply a hose to this. We turn on and then turn the water supply down to an amount just enough to keep the slide wet, but without wasting extra water. You can turn it on and off as you please.

Why Choose The Bouncy Castle Company?

  • EXPERIENCE - We have been setting up, supervising and packing down bouncy castles for over 14 years. We know what we are doing and how to maximise your fun.
  • HASSLE FREE and SAFE- We set up the castles for you and securely anchor them down. No need to pick them up and try to roll them at the end. We do it all - no extra cost.
  • CLEAN - our inflatables are cleaned regularly. No dirty castles filled with rubbish from the last users.

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