Help Good Causes by partnering with us as we partner with UpStream


What to do

Remember it doesn't cost you anything

A screenshot from the upstream website

Go to the Upstream Website

You can click on the this link or go to the Upstream Website and search for bouncy castles. Click on "The bouncy Castle Company"


Click on "EMAIL NOW"

Type in your information and don't forget to select the "Good Cause" you wish us to donate to.


That's it!

After that we communicate directly as you would if you had come to us normally. However you enquiry is logged as an Upstream enquiry so if you order an inflatable from us, Upstream bill us for 10% of that order.

Questions you might want answers to

Indeed. If you book a $160 castle through us directly, you pay $160. Ifyou book it through us via Upstream you pay $160. No change for you. In the second case, however, we donate $16 to Upstream. Easy

Yes, yes we could. We're in the process of moving many customers in that direction anyway, but at the moment to make sure the system works you need to do the leg work of clicking onthe link above so that the system works.

We, at the Bouncy Castle Company, really believe in the aims of Upstream and the Good Causes it supports. We have friends who work for some of the Good Causes and have seen lives changed by the support these organizations offer. We're all in - you can be too. Visit the website, take time to browse what's on offer and make a difference.

Postal Address

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0800 586 7464