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The Bouncy Castle Company serving Rangiora, Christchurch, Canterbury and beyond.
We are bubbling with energy!

Our Stories

1 Jun 2020

New Beginnings

Logo of The Bouncy Castle Company

At Bubbling With Energy, we had been talking about changing the name of the company for a few years. We procrastinated, as we do, until at the beginning of this year we decided to jump in anf get it it done. We had the new name, but couldn't decide on a logo. We tried many things 'in-house' but nothing satisfied. In March we went along to Laura and the team at Create Design in Rangiora (visit them here). They have been super helpful (especially over the lockdown period, working remotely) and came up with the logo above. We are super happy with it and look forward to taking the business forward as The Bouncy Castle Company!

10 Jun 2020

New Website

A picture of the front page of the bouncy castle company website

If you are here, then you have found the new website! We have copied most from the Bubbling With Energy Website and added a few extras and changed some links etc. Still lots of text to update and change - if only there were more than 24hrs in a day!

18 Jun 2020


A picture of raindrops

Rain! What to do? If you have a castle booked then all the rain covers inthe world will not keep out rain from blowing in. At this time of year it's usually breezey and cold. Once the kids get damp, they get cold and really, it's not that much fun! Best to cancel and put plan B into action. We're happy to refund.

25 Jun 2020

The Mechanical Bull

A picture of the Mechanical Bull

Rodeo Bull, Mechanical Bull, Bucking Bull - whatever you call him, it's still the same unit! Our bull is one of only three or four in NZ that has full rotation. We have a large inflatable surround to catch people - as EVERYONE comes off, eventually! Unless you don't want to; then that's ok, we'll do our level best to keep you atop.

2 Jul 2020

Travel Costs

A screenshot picture of Canterbury

We are based just outside of Rangiora and Kaiapoi and service the surrounding areas and central Christchurch for free. We'd love to be able to say "just sling us $20 for fuel" or whatever to travel further afield, but in reality it costs us a great deal more. If you live in Ashburton, for example and require a bouncy castle that would be about 90 mins travel one way and just over 100km, depending on exact location (some people say Ashburton, but are probably a good 30 minutes beyond!). That would mean paying a driver, at roughly $25 per hour, at least three hours just to get you and back. Either they travel back to chch in the meantime, ramping up the fuel costs, or they stay in Ashburton (which also means I have a vehicle out of use for other jobs). For a 4 hour castle hire, allowing 30 minutes each for setup and packdown, this would mean $200 in wages alone. (3 hr travel, 1hr set up, 4hr wait). We do travel  - Invercargill to Blenheim to Greymouth - most usually for larger events, but I hope the above gives you some idea of the costs involved.

10 July 2020

Battle Axe

A picture of axes on target

There is a real knack to getting the velcro aves to stick on the target. I don't have the knack, but there are plenty of patient people who do. This is a great unit for children's play groups and public events

16 July 2020


A picture of a bitten into sandwhich whilst supervising a Bouncy Castle Company Inflatable

What with lockdown and the winter season in full swing, it has been a while since we have had to have a full crew out. Last Monday was our first time since we can remember. Six staff, three locations for The Bouncy Castle Company. Different name, but we are still bubbling with energy. Thankfully my beautiful wife remembered for me that I would need a lunch whilst out. Very nice it was too; so much better than when I make them myself.

22 July 2020

Plan B

A picture of Jungle Adventure covered in tarps

When the weather is looking inclement we usually recommend plan B. In this case, however the client had thought out plan B to incorporate plan A. What you can see here is the Jungle Adventure Bouncy Castle butted right up to a double garage (with towels placed to stop it rubbing). Then we have two tarps placed over the unit anchored to an air-con unit ion the roof and stropped to wheels of the family car in the foreground. Sadly, it still took every towel in the house to keep it dry inside! Never mind; the kids had a great time, and I think dad enjoyed the challenge.

29 July 2020

Out with the old

A picture of our van outside Sign Pursuits

So in goes The Bouncy Castle Company Van to Sign Pursuits ready for decal work. We are super excited to see it when it comes out again. Out goes the boring grey and in comes the...well that would be telling!

7 August 2020

What a difference!

A picture of the new Bouncy Castle Company Van

A maasive thank you to Caitlin at the Create Design Studios in Rangiora for dersigning our new logo and decal for the van and then to Luke at Sign Pursuits for putting the designs into action. We are super happy with the result. If only we had the money, we would get all the vans done the same. Look out for us delivering a bouncy castle to a home near you!

22 August 2020

Delivery and Set up


We have been surprised at the number of enquiries that ask of we deliver and set up. We ALWAYS deliver and set up and pack down the inflatables at no extra cost (depending on where you want the castle setting up!). That way, you know the unit has been set up correctly, and has been checked for cleanliness too. No dirty castles!