Below are a sample of the questions we get asked a lot. If in doubt, just call us and ask.
  1. How much flat area do we need? - As our bouncy castles and combo designs vary in size, please check the minimum required area next to the attraction you are interested in. When pacing out a space, remember to look up and check for overhanging trees. Some inflatables like slides and obstacle course require anchorage ropes going out well beyond the sides of the unit. If space is a problem, we can often do a site visit to talk through options. Squeezing an inflatable in against walls/ceilings is never an option.
  2. How high is the inflatable? - The bouncy castle inflatables are between approximately 2.4m to 8.0 metres high depending on the style of the inflatable. If height is a problem please contact us. Outside this is usually not a problem, but do look up for overhanging tree branches/telephone lines etc.
  3. What surface can inflatables go on? - Many surfaces including grass, dirt, concrete, paving, asphalt etc. Not mud or gravel or grit surfaces. As long as we know what surface before we come out all will be well. Note that some units, like the dunk tank cannot go on hard surfaces. If in doubt call us.
  4. Can the inflatable be in contact with walls or trees? - No the inflatable can suffer abrasion damage if it is in direct contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the inflatable we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.
  5. How does the inflatable stay blown up? - The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually being filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. The extension cord also has an RCD safety switch connected to it. Electricity usage is around 1 unit per hour per blower. If there is no electricity within 20m from the erection site of the bouncy castle then we can supply a generator at a small extra cost.
  6. How much access space is needed to get an inflatable in? - Approx 1 metre (3 feet) for most bouncy castles. Please ensure that water heaters or Air conditioning units are not blocking the access. Larger units (slides etc) are much wider. If access is potentially a problem, please call us. For some units we need to drive right to the point of setup (e.g. climbing wall is too heavy to be man handled anywhere)
  7. Is the set up time included in the hire time? - No. For example—if your booking starts at 1pm, we will have the inflatable ready before that time. We do ask that you provide clear access to the driveway of your home as the inflatables are sometimes difficult to manoeuvre.
  8. How many children can use the inflatable at the one time? - Mini bouncy castles – between 6 and 8 children at the same time. The Midi castles, 8-10 children and medium to large size castles can take up to 12 children at any one time under the ages of 13yrs. (These ages are approximate, as it is in fact the weight that counts!) Other inflatables will vary. Remember safety is paramount and it is always better to have too few on, than too many.
  9. What happens if it rains on the day? - Bouncy castles really are NOT much fun in the cold and wet. If you have a party planned for the Autumn / Winter months, then we suggest either booking a hall to use the inflatable in, or having a back-up plan. Some of our bouncy castles have sun / shower covers provided that keep the sun off your children’s heads, keeps the castle cool in Summer and for rainy days. Some interactive inflatables such as the mechanical surfboard, gladiator etc are unable to be used in wet weather.
  10. How about if I want to cancel? - If you cancel for bad weather, then provided you tell us in plenty of time, there is no cost to you, you get a full refund.  If we have already started on our way to you (or staff are on their way to the warehouse), we reserve the right to cover staff and travel expenses. If we have started to set up before cancelling then the full amount is payable. Note that some entertainers/ contractors charge a fee even if cancelled and this we will have to pass on. Also the Mechanical Bull and surfboard often have a small council permit fee which is non returnable.
  11. How is payment made and when?  - When a booking is confirmed, we send through an invoice. This has details of how to pay. Most payments are made by bank transfer. Please note that in most cases payment is due before we come out, especially for new customers. If paying cash-on-the-day, payment must be ready before we set up.
  12. How long can I have the inflatable for? - Usually a 4 hour or daily (7 hour) hire. Bookings within Summer in a backyard can go till dusk. During the winter months, obviously the days get shorter and it gets darker much earlier bookings should be completed 1 hour after sunset at the latest. Sorry, but we do not do overnight bookings.
  13. What happens if we damage the inflatable? -  If the damage is considered by us to be malicious then you will be liable to pay for all repairs and transport costs associated with having the inflatable repaired. If adults use a bouncy castle that is not an adult castle, and it is damaged, then the above will also apply as these inflatables are specifically available for children only.
  14. What else should I be aware of? - Please keep streamers, poppers, silly string etc away from any inflatable as they stain the vinyl !! Face Paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping. You may also want to check that when children perspire the paint starts to run. Any streamer etc damage found on the inflatable at time of pick up or when we clean the inflatable over the following seven (7) days will result in a cleaning charge. (This may be quite large!)

Why Choose The Bouncy Castle Company?

  • EXPERIENCE - We have been setting up, supervising and packing down bouncy castles for over 14 years. We know what we are doing and how to maximise your fun.
  • HASSLE FREE and SAFE- We set up the castles for you and securely anchor them down. No need to pick them up and try to roll them at the end. We do it all - no extra cost.
  • CLEAN - our inflatables are cleaned regularly. No dirty castles filled with rubbish from the last users.

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